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November Meeting - EEOC Compliance

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Compliance with EEOC is critical to your business operations. And like so many regulations, they are constantly being updated, so keeping up with the current requirements is very important. Here is you opportunity to get a thumbnail sketch of the changes in EEOC. 


Amy W.
Brenda C.
Cathy P.
Cheryl K.
The Delventhal Company
Cheryl K.
Chris K.
Croghan Colonial Bank
Connie D.
Craig B.
Dave K.
Diane C.
Jaimee W.
Jennifer R.
Jennifer W.
Jenny G.
Jenny W.
Jess S.
Jim L.
USI Insurance Services
Jon M.
Karen V.
Kayla T.
Ken S.
E S Wagner Co
Letty H.
Lori M.
Miller Bros. Const., Inc.
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