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Hosted by Ashley E. Norton, featuring Angela Alvarez & Ash Easton for our private December performance.  
Why all female? Because less than 20% of the billboard charts are women, year after year. This is getting worse, not better.   Ramona Ranch cares, and has partnered with Ashley E. Norton to do our part by showcasing what our ladies can do.   Come enjoy this exclusive, private experience on our outside view terrace, while enjoying local award-winning wines handcrafted by winemaker Micole Moore.    Order food in advance from Something Delicious Catering to complete your experience, https://somethingdelicious.net/services-menus/
Ramona Ranch will be supporting these events on the first Friday of each month, hosted by Ashley E. Norton, featuring two rotating songwriters each time.   Tickets are non-refundable and we encourage carpooling.

Thank you for your support!

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