Sudden Change Tour (San Diego)

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SaturDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2019 @

Doors Open + Reception + Hors D’oeuves + Drinks

First Showing + Cast Meet & Greet

Second Showing + Cast Meet & Greet

About Sudden Change

PegaWhale is in the final stages of completing a 65-minute documentary pilot introducing transformational stories that will premiere in Albuququerque this fall. Through the craft of intimate storytelling and filmmaking, we have unearthed narratives that explore rich diversity and resilience of New Mexico and its people. Themes of cultural identity, includision, addiction and recovery, the power of sports in community, and overcoming individual, insurmountable odds to become both leader and role model emerged powerfully in this initial segment. Thank you for your consideration of this work and its potential impact on the people of our state, and those beyond its border.

Adam Francis Raby, Founder and Filmmaker, PegaWhale Storytellers


Adriana B.
Alegra S.
Ana L.
Andrew O.
Angelina & Jon G.
Angelina G.
Ashlea H.
Barbara G.
Barbara L.
Cameron V.
Cathleen C.
Charly M.
Chris S.
Colleen B.
Courtney R.
Craig S.
Cyndi C.
Dan P.
Dan R.
Daniel L.
David D.
Debotah B.
Debra A.
Dominique M.
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