The bumblebee species referred to as "Franklin's Bumblebee" was last seen in 2006 in the mountainous region of Ashland, Oregon. Since its last sighting, search teams have been looking yearly for the bee, in hopes of finding the species alive and well. Franklin's Bumblebee has since been put on the Endangered Species List, but as teams struggle to locate it, concerns of their extinction have arisen. This has been a trend for other species of bumblebees over the past 30 years and researchers want to know why. This film dives deep into the journey of finding Franklin’s Bumblebee, and offers viewers solutions to help these important pollinators thrive. This is Jack & Janice's second collaboration together following their debut film, "Plastic Earth". “Plastic Earth” was distributed by Gravitas Ventures and released in February 2023 in North America and Canada. It is set to be released on Kanopy’s platform in November of 2023 to reach a wider public and academic audience. Jack has been making films professionally since 1999. In addition to the IMDB credits listed, he has been involved with countless other projects not listed as a cinematographer, editor, director, or producer.

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