This Wild Abyss 22m 30s A former cowboy turned janitor with an eighth-grade education, Milt Humason forms an unlikely friendship with astronomer Edwin Hubble and assists him at Mt. Wilson Observatory, a partnership that leads to their discovery that the universe is expanding. The Problem of the Hero 1h 24m 32s In 1940, controversial author Richard Wright turns to Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Paul Green to help adapt his best selling book, Native Son, into a Broadway play. A friendship between the two develops - they debate and collaborate for several weeks over the summer in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, laboring night and day through extreme heat to adapt the story of Bigger Thomas, a young black man who accidentally but brutally kills a white woman in her bedroom. Now it is March, 1941, and they are in New York at the St. James Theatre on the eve of opening night, and a difference of opinion over a single page of the script threatens an impasse. As rehearsal continues around them, led by the mercurial Orson Welles, the resulting argument - delving into race, class, politics, and personal story - seems destined to dissolve their friendship.

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