Thinking Like Water 1h 20m, Documentary Thinking Like Water offers the pioneering work of 88-year-old “water wizard” Bill Zeedyk, and his proteges and allies, who have continually devised ways of transforming degraded wetlands and drylands into more resilient ecosystems that help gird against drought and climate change. Zeedyk soothes the watershed, coaxes straightened streams back on their natural meandering course, lifts the creek, raises the water table and recreates lost habitats. All while using simple nature-based restoration techniques he designed or innovated upon. These constellations of “Zeedyk structures” have slowly gained favor over the last 25 years and now his methods have even been institutionalized. Inspirational and practical, the film gifts to the viewer practices that can be taken right out of the viewing realm and into their own landscapes. Zeedyk's rise, after retirement, to a legendary visionary in ecological restoration will provide inspiration to anyone who longs to make a difference in the world, at any age, and in any field. PAIRED WITH Paatuwaqatsi Water is Life 11m 3s, Documentary “Paatuwaqatsi/Water is Life” is a short film about the Hopi people’s ancient relationship with the Grand Canyon and Little Colorado River. Featuring the voices of running-activist, Bucky Preston, Black Mesa Trust CEO, Vernon Masayesva, and the musical advocacy of Ed Kabotie & Tha ‘Yoties, “Water is Life” challenges us to rethink our paradigm about the sacred gift of Water

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