Welcome to the Contender eSports Springfield Valorant Draft Tournament! Get ready for an action-packed event where you'll team up with fellow gamers and showcase your Valorant skills. Here's everything you need to know: Preparation: Define Tournament Details: We've meticulously planned every aspect of this tournament to ensure an exciting experience for all participants. Registration: Register for the tournament and secure your spot. Don't forget to provide essential information, including your In-Game Name (IGN), rank, and contact details. Team Formation: Team captains will be selected from the highest-ranked players in attendance. Our draft process takes into account player ranks and confidence levels, ensuring fair teams. Tournament Day: Check-in: Arrive early and check in 30-60 minutes before the tournament begins. We'll verify your identity and ensure all players are present. Draft Phase: Get ready for an exhilarating draft phase! Team captains will be randomly selected, and the draft process will consider player ranks and confidence levels. We use a snake draft format to keep things exciting. Tournament Structure: Compete in a round-robin style bracket, facing off against each team at least once. Clear schedules, map rotations, and agent ban rules will be communicated to all participants. During the Tournament: Tournament Management: Our dedicated staff will oversee the event's operation, ensuring a seamless experience for all players and spectators. Reporting Scores: Teams can report scores promptly after each match. We'll update brackets and standings in real-time. After the Tournament: Prizes: Win your share of the prize pool! The first-place team takes home 20,000 coins, the second-place team earns 5,000 coins, and exceptional teamwork or positivity may earn individuals an additional 1,000 coins. Feedback: Your feedback is invaluable to us. Share your tournament experience, and we'll use it to enhance future Valorant Draft tournaments. Entry Fee: There is no entry fee! Just bring your normal account power to play on our top-notch PCs. If you need to purchase power at the time of the event we can offer special pricing including discounts for pre-registering. Please speak with a store associate if you need more help. Don't miss out on this incredible Valorant Draft Tournament experience at Contender eSports Springfield. Register now and prepare for an unforgettable gaming event! Registration Deadline: On the day of the event. See you on tournament day, and may the best team emerge victorious!

This Event Has Ended

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