Sludge: a PFAS Uprising 26:00, Documentary Doing the right thing – cost them everything. “Sludge” tells the stories of farmers who are speaking up about “forever chemicals” poisoning their land, water, and livestock, only to lose everything in the process. Who’s to blame? And what’s being done now to ensure our land and water is safe for future generations? We're all Plastic People now 59:45, Documentary Introduced by actor and environmentalist Ted Danson, “We’re All Plastic People Now” investigates the hidden story of plastic and its effects on human health. In an era of throw-away ease, convenience has cost us our well-being. Plastics have been found inside our bodies— in our colons, our brains, in developing embryos and even breast milk. Scientists around the country are sounding the alarm, but without public education and buy-in, there is little that can be done. “We’re All Plastic People Now” asks the question, how much evidence do we need before we decide to take action?

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