When Angels Fear 1h 20m, Coming-of-age, Drama It is 1974, Joseph Florio enters Divine Light Catholic Preparatory Seminary as a fourteen year old Freshman. He quickly learns that not everyone has enrolled to learn about Clerical life. Now his life is threatened in an effort to silence what he knows. His survival will only be possible using his own ingenuity. PAIRED WITH Orange Vests and Cigarettes 12m 22s, Drama, Comedy, Coming of Age, LGBTQ+ After a failed suicide attempt injures an innocent bystander, Josiah, a socially-awkward teen from a strict religious home is sentenced to community service where he crosses paths with Teresa, a trans girl convicted of shoplifting gender-affirming clothing. She’s everything he wishes he could be — confident, assertive, and totally unafraid to be herself no matter what the world tells her. But, desperate to fit in, Josiah pretends to be someone he isn’t and is quickly accepted into the ranks of the other juvenile delinquents. After witnessing the relentless transmisogyny Teresa is subjected to by his new friends, Josiah is forced to choose between doing what is right and what is easy, and finally asserts who he is, no matter the consequences.

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