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City Bright - Take Me by Adrian Pijoan
City Bright - Take Me by Adrian Pijoan
A rift in spacetime reveals new insights into a decades-old UFO case. Pale men wearing suits and cowboy hats have been appearing throughout town. Has the moon been full for longer than usual? Something strange is happening in Albuquerque.

Paranormal investigator Aurora Aura, PhD has been investigating these events over the past year. Take Me is a collaboration between artist Adrian Pijoan and Dr. Aura. For this installation Adrian moved Dr. Aura’s paranormal research office to the Kimo Theatre storefront. The neon signs are from Dr. Aura’s office. The phone number (505) 273-8847 displayed on the LED signs is her business number. Normally Dr. Aura would be available to take your calls; however, it appears that she left town shortly before the launch of the City Bright project. 

In her absence Dr. Aura has left a series of recordings behind, containing her investigation notes. By dialing her number and listening to the messages, we might understand both what happened to Dr. Aura and what has been happening in downtown Albuquerque.
Adrian Pijoan’s art practice takes him to locations in the paranormal landscape -- places like UFO crash sites, haunted hotels, Bigfoot sighting hotspots, and energy vortexes. Through video, performance, and installation Adrian explores the relationships between the paranormal landscape and the stories and cultures that grow around it. Truth or fiction, these stories form a modern mythology inextricably tied to the landscape.

In pursuit of the paranormal Adrian have undergone hypnosis to relive an alien abduction scenario, attended dozens of UFO and Bigfoot conferences, eaten dinner with a UFO cult, worked with the InterGalactic Cultural Relations Institute, and given performance lectures on topics ranging from lizard people throughout history to telepathic communication with extraterrestrials.

Adrian’s work has been shown at SCA Contemporary in Albuquerque; Wayfarers Gallery in Brooklyn; Tokio Galeriá in Lima, Peru; The University of New Mexico Art Museum; SITE Santa Fe; CCA Santa Fe; Szara Kamienica Gallery in Krakow, Poland; Bikini Wax Gallery in Mexico City, Mexico; SOMA in Mexico City, Mexico; as part of the International Symposium of Electronic Arts in Vancouver, Canada; and in other traditional and nontraditional spaces. Adrian received an MFA from the University of New Mexico in 2016.

Both neon signs are available for sale. Please email to inquire:


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