Contactless Ordering Experience

No monthly fees, no contract.
QR Code ordering and point of sale.

Example Store Screen

How Online Ordering Works With Addmi

  • order placed

    A Contactless Order

    Customers scan a QR code with their smartphone to see your menu. The customer places their order without touching a menu or interacting with a server.

  • order received

    Receive & Confirm

    The order shows up on your Addmi POS and kitchen display. The customer is sent a text message confirming the order.

  • order complete

    Complete & Notify

    When ready, your team taps the complete button. Your customer receives a text message informing them that their order is ready for pick-up.

Contactless QR Code Ordering

What Our Customers Say

See how Addmi customers have felt since launching on our platform.

  • Vegos, a happy Addmi customer
    “Addmi's system is easy to learn and we were able to get back to business with online ordering.”

    Toa Kim
    Pho Linh
  • Roma, a happy Addmi customer
    “Addmi helped us to re-open quickly and affordably with online ordering for pick-ups!”

    Roma Deli
  • Vegos, a happy Addmi customer
    “Addmi's online order is simple, effective, easy and FREE! Just what we were looking for!”