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Addmi provides the software solutions you need to realize your greatest potential in your business. Better workflows, easy for your staff, and improved customer experiences.
Addmi Online Ordering

All-in-One Point of Sale System

All of the features you need to succeed, and with no 'surprise' fees.

Addmi Unlimited POS Terminals

  • Get everything you need in one easy, proven platform
  • No integration headaches
  • No hidden extras
  • No software cost to you

Monthly Fee $0 /month *

Addmi Point of Sale
Data Capture
Data Capture
Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Gift Cards
Gift Cards
Time Cards
Time Cards
Online Ordering
Online Ordering
Kitchen Display
Kitchen Display

Other Solutions

Other POS companies commit you to long term contracts and surprise you with multiple hidden fees. Many complaints include charging for standard POS features, high cancellation fees, high equipment costs, and deceptive sales conduct.

  • POS terminal $79/terminal
  • Inventory $75
  • Kitchen display $10
  • Online ordering $50
  • Data capture $25
  • Giftcard $50
  • Loyalty $25
  • Email marketing $15
  • Time card $25

Monthly Fee $354 /month **

Other Point of Sales
* When you pass the Addmi service fee to your customer
** Estimate of what other solutions charge

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