Elkin Guzman Caturra CGC

Giving Back Community Support Project - Supporting Children’s Grief Center with “El Mirador - Caturra Natural” Coffee Grower Elkin Guzman combines traditional growing methods with technology and innovation to build a relationship with his coffee plants to learn the best harvest time, and the best ways to dry and ferment the beans to produce award winning coffee that often has a molasses flavor. Expect unordinary, exciting flavors to come out in this coffee. It first expresses itself with rich flavors of fermented molasses, reminiscent of a wine or stout. As it cools slightly, it brings out an explosion of exotic flavors of tamarind, pomegranate, and dates. Notes of cantaloupe and pineapple can be picked up in the middle. If allowed to cool further, it will continue to express bright, fruity flavors similar to the exotic Colombian fruit lulo, with a hint of fig and black pepper on the finish. The heart of this coffee is best enjoyed by taking some time to visit and experience all of its unique flavors and the feelings of comfort it evokes. A portion of the sales of the Elkin Guzman El Mirador - Caturra Natural coffee will be donated to Children’s Grief Center to help support their mission. VM founder, David Certain, felt that it would be natural to pair a unique coffee that elicits feelings of happiness, comfort, and well-being to support a non-profit agency that is working to do the same. Talking about grief and supporting someone who is experiencing bereavement is hard. Everyone experiences grief in a different way, and for families experiencing a loss, it can be particularly difficult for caregivers to know how to support children while also having to process their own grief. That’s why the services the Children’s Grief Center of New Mexico provides to our community are so important. According to CGC, “New Mexico ranks 4th highest in the nation per capita for childhood bereavement, and 1 in 10 (or 53,500) children in New Mexico will lose a parent or sibling by the age of 18.” CGC was founded in 2001 to provide free support services for youth and young adults and their caregivers after the death of a loved one. The agency was initially founded by a small group of families with grieving children that found that specialized grief services for youth weren’t available in New Mexico at that time. They quickly earned grant funding to help them hire full time staff and expand support services to include a Library of resources, Peer Support, Grief Support Groups, and training for Educators, First Responders, and Mental Health Professionals. Through a small staff and a network of volunteers, CGC continues to serve hundreds of families annually. More information about Children’s Grief Center can be found on their website at https://childrensgrief.org/