Welcome to Addmi

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    We believe in creating products and services that are a win-win for both our customers and their customers. Our aim is to provide the most fair and affordable platform. We will never stop innovating and making things more seamless for an improved overall experience.

    Our philosophy is to build something super helpful, efficient, and effective so that our customers will love it. Our goal is to drive businesses' success with the help of our technology.

History of Addmi


Addmi began by utilizing QR codes for networking at events and developed a business event ticketing platform centered on improving guest connectivity. Addmi became the Events platform with QR code-based ticketing and smart check-ins.


Addmi rolls out nationwide with 600+ clients providing unmatched pricing, convenience, and user satisfaction. Many features are added to improve customer experience, including memberships, email marketing, invoicing, etc.


A contactless QR code-based ordering system with full point of sale is created initially to support sales at events, but is quickly adopted by local restaurants for its efficiency, value and improved customer experience. Addmi was first in the USA to employ QR code based self-serve restaurant ordering, prior to the 2020 pandemic.


Addmi adds food hall ordering services and to provide deliveries to hotels, offices, etc in our effort to help restaurant merchants during the pandemic. Events were cancelled worldwide, and Addmi Events was reduced to online events only, while the contactless ordering point of sale grew in popularity and emulation.


The integrated ecosystem of Addmi features is expanded to include an automated loyalty program, gift cards, and tabs for brewpubs and bars. Additional point of sale features for both front and back of house are included for improved efficiency and workflow, including employee PIN code access and time cards.


Addmi continues to improve the point of sale, adding Full Service Mode for restaurants. Other new features requested by customers include customer facing display and invoicing. With events starting back up, integration of event ticketing into the point of sale begins.