Delivery Benefits For You and Your Customers

Feb 7, 2024

Explaining Delivery Charges with Addmi and DoorDash

Addmi now provides delivery service with DoorDash! And we are going the distance to make it THE BEST experience for both you and your customers! In order to keep fees competitive with other independent delivery services, Addmi has opted to lower the base delivery fee rate from $7 to $3.99. The way we cover the difference is by charging 12% of the order for delivery. This fee is MUCH LOWER than the 20-30% charge by the competition (who also raise menu prices! That's double dipping!), and is used to offset the first 3 dollars of the DoorDash fee. Unfortunately for Addmi, this means we actually lose money on orders under $25. We are banking on this balancing out with orders over $25, so that we can continue to offer this low rate for you and your customers.

Fee Pricing Explained

$20 ORDER 12% fee = $2.40 (Addmi loses $.60) $25 ORDER 12% fee = $3 (Addmi breaks even) $30 ORDER 12% fee = $3.60 (Addmi makes $.60) To us, it's a win if we deliver the service you want with the experience your customers love! We want you to get more customers who order from you More Often! Everyone wins!

Try DoorDash Delivery with Addmi Today!

Want to get started? It is easy! Go to your Addmi Dashboard: 1 ) Store > Front of House > Fulfillment 2 ) Turn on Delivery 3 ) Click 'Manage' Then use the DoorDash tab to input your settings. Done! Watch for orders coming in marked as 'Delivery'. Contact us with questions!