DoorDash Delivery Now Available for Addmi

Jan 24, 2024

Try delivery using DoorDash and Addmi today!

Addmi provides delivery service again! This time we have teamed with DoorDash! It is easy to set up and try! Go to your Addmi Dashboard: 1 ) Store > Front of House > Fulfillment Methods 2 ) Turn on Delivery 3 ) Click 'Manage' Then use the DoorDash tab to input your settings. Done! Watch for orders coming in marked as 'Delivery'.

We are here to make it easy!

We will be in touch with those of you who previously used delivery, to help you get rolling again. We will also help by letting your customers know that deliveries are available again, on your behalf. Easy! Got questions? Contact us at 888-362-3364 or email below: