Increase Sales and Profit using Addmi Delivery

Jan 12, 2023

Better for you, better for your customers

Addmi does delivery right! We are partnered with Uber Direct to provide the best customer experience while keeping things simple for your business. Your customers will pay low, competitive delivery fees, while you keep much more profit, and we never increase your item prices!

Why choose the Addmi delivery service powered by Uber?

- All-in-one system, no other platforms needed - Orders are displayed in your POS or ADS tablets - No need for extra tablets to receive and manage delivery orders - Your inventory settings are respected for delivery orders - Delivery orders are included in your reports - Collect customer data

Your prices stay the same

Many delivery services will add to the price of your menu items to increase their profit on each delivery. While this doesn’t affect you directly, your customers pay the price and may be upset when they realize they paid more than usual. Plus these delivery services pay top dollar to show up ON THE TOP of online searches, so that your customers see THEIR version of YOUR menu rather than yours! Not great! This does not happen with Addmi!

Addmi lets you keep more profit

We only charge you 10% per order. Compare this with the ‘popular’ third-party delivery options that charge you between 20-30% and you can see the value in choosing Addmi with Uber Direct!

Set Up Delivery in Minutes!

It couldn't be much easier to get started with Addmi Delivery. To begin, in the Addmi dashboard go to: Store > Front of House > Fulfillment Methods Turn on Delivery and click Manage. Now you can set up delivery using Uber! If you have any questions at all, contact us for assistance.