Major Update - Addmi POS App

May 9, 2023

Please Read - Unlocking Many Advanced New Features

This is a major update and affects most Addmi users in a very positive way! We are unlocking many powerful new features with this version!

3 Apps In One

From here on, you will only need one Addmi app to run all POS features: • Point of sale • Kitchen display • Customer facing display One app to install and update… easy!

Many New POS Features!!!

Timecard Adjustment (Time Card Review) Inventory Adjustments • 86 Items from the POS and Online Platform • Adjust Item Inventory / Stock Restrict Server Orders QR Gift Card Scanning (Redemption and Activation) Employee Clock In/Out Sequential Order Numbers Customer SMS / WhatsApp Notification for ‘Order Ready’ Account Language Preference Settings Payment Movement Across Checks Pre-Authorized Tabs Move Orders to a Different Table Combining Existing Orders Easily Customer Pickup/Arrival Notification Filter Orders Based on Server PIN Manager Shift Review Table Layout • Ability to Assign Servers to Sections • Display Multiple Layouts

Let us help you!

There are a lot of new features and improvements. Want to make sure you are running at full capacity? Contact our support team for a free demo of features that interest you! Send an email to: Or use this link: