New Features! Get More, Do More yet... it Cost you NOTHING :)

Mar 15, 2022
New Features Highlight! Please check it out! ADS Expeditor ModeOur new Expeditor feature on the Addmi DS app allows your display screen to now be used as an Expeditor station. Watch order progress and know exactly when that item needs to get out of the kitchen,into a box, or onto a customer’s table. For example, if you just want to see all the Togo order including online orders you can do it here. Super Fast Nesting Display Our new Nesting feature makes your POS Super FAST, legible, and less cluttered. If pictures aren’t for you and you rather see the name of an item enlarged; Nesting is for you. With this new feature, you no longer have to scroll across multiple tabs to search for your items. Ringing items upon the point of sale is now way faster,easier, and more efficient. Assign Server to Table  With assign server to the table not only can you pick and choose which servers tend to be which tables, you also have the ability to add a starting and ending time so the table will automatically switch to a new server once the other has left.  Multi-Station Assignment  The multi-Station assignment allows one item to be sent to multiple fulfillment stations. For example, if you have an item that needs to go to the noodle station and the fryer you can assign this itemto do so. This will allow for preparation at both stations simultaneously. Dish Grouping Dish Grouping now makes it easier to see similar items added together so they can be prepared all at once.  High-volume kitchens can now get orders out faster.  Fulfillment Warning Thresholds  Set different thresholds to correspond with your different fulfillment methods and their estimated turnaround time. With 3 warning colors to visualize urgency easier. And Much Much More...  * Other features include single-item discount, passing a table from server to server, moving orders from one table to another, ability to exempt tax from an order, sequential order numbers, and more!