Say Hello to New with 1.2 :)

Feb 23, 2022
Default Fulfillment Method With the new Default Fulfillment Method “to go” will  no longer be the set default. You can now add “dine-in”, “take out”, etc. options to set as the default fulfillment method. To enable this feature to hold down ‘to go” in your Point of Sale app and select your new fulfillment method. Scan & Pay  Scan and Pay allow customers to complete a transaction by scanning a QR code on their receipt at the end of their dining experience. To utilize this feature, locate your printer settings and turn on the Print Transaction QR code in the Print Receipts Modal. Dish Grouping Dish Grouping now makes it easier to see similar items added together so they can be prepared all at once.  High-volume kitchens can now get orders out faster.  Wrap Text on ADS We have improved titles on the ADS screen to accommodate for product longer names. You are now easily able to view the full name of your items at glance.    ADS & POS name  Item names too long? No problem. We have added a new feature on the dashboard to make things easier. You can now assign an ADS & POS name to your items. You can utilize this by clickingon an item in your dashboard and selecting the “Alternate Names” option.  Group Taxes & Fees To improve customer experience, we have implemented this new feature. If you would like to bypass your customers seeing the Addmi convenience the fee you can enable the grouping of taxes and fees. To use this feature to access your dashboard settings and turn on Combine Taxes and Fees in the Receipt tab.     ADS Tile Views With ADS tile view you can choose how you see orders on your Display Screen. With two new options available, customizing your ADS tile view is now as easy as two taps. To Access this feature hold down the Fulfillments button on your ADS screen and choose the setting that best suits you.   Search by Server name Looking for specific orders just got easier. With the new search by server name feature you no longer have to guess at the specifics.