Food Hall Point of Sale

Streamline guest experience with QR code Scan, Order, and Pay. Guests can place their order, continue mingling, and head to the counter when they receive 'order ready' text.

An ecosystem to improve operational efficiency

Keep your operations running smooth and your customers moving. Addmi helps you manage and operate in a busy environment with simplicity from the back of house to the front of house.

  • QR code ordering keeps the lines shorter and customers happier
  • Point of Sale and Online orders managed in one place
  • Many free features save time and provide exquisite service
Addmi Ecosystem

The software you need to succeed

Start using Addmi and all of your favorite features at no extra cost.

Venue Management

Venue Management

Keep an eye on all that's happening in your establishment with Venue Management. View report summaries at a glance to see how sales are doing daily.

  • Venue can reference reports from all merchants on one single dashboard
  • Order from any merchant from a single QR code
  • Orders shoot to corresponding merchants ADS or Printer
  • Opportunity for delivery to hotels and apartment buildings

QR code Self Ordering

Free online store with a built in loyalty program. Connect with your customers and keep them coming back for more.

  • No account or app needed
  • Customers phone takes place of expensive kiosk hardware
  • Built in loyalty program
  • Quick checkout with payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay
QR code ordering




Self Serve QR Code

QR Code Ordering

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Online Order

Online Ordering & POS

Kitchen Display

Kitchen Display

Notification Options

Multiple Customer Notification Options

Addmi provides various ways to communicate with your customers about when their order is completed and when they can anticipate receiving their order. No matter which method you choose, Addmi reduces congregation at the counter and enhances the customer experience.

  • Send an 'order ready' text with the click of a button
  • Automatically adjust customer wait times based on fulfillment volume
  • Utilize table grid mode to accommodate for table numbers
  • Embed QR codes with tables to provide seamless table delivery service
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The all-in-one solution for Food Halls

Addmi offers a truly all in one solution that benefits both your venue and your merchants. Our technology provides capabilities that increase sales and improve customer experience.

Watch this video to see Addmi in action.