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All of the features you need to help your Nutrition Club serve more drinks with less hassle.

Benefits of Addmi for Nutrition Clubs

Addmi's software is built for those fast paced environments. Our system can help your nutrition club run efficiently and traffic through different pipelines. We offer a variety of features built into our platform to help you maximize your business potential.

  • Easy training for new and existing employees
  • Online ordering platform allows for ordering ahead
  • Small footprint for hardware takes up less counter space
Curbside Ordering

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Online Order

Online Ordering & POS



Membership Program


Event Ticketing

Event Ticketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Notify your customers

Customer Notification Options

Addmi provides various ways to communicate with your customers about when their order is complete and when they can anticipate receiving their order. No matter which method you choose, Addmi helps your business maximize customer experience.

  • Send an 'order ready' text with the click of a button
  • Automatically adjust customer wait times based on fulfillment volume
  • Disable ordering automatically if volume is too high
  • Enable arrival notifications to accommodate curbside pickup

Ticketed Events

With Addmi's Event Experience you can run your business completely from one platform. Sell tickets online for multi day, single day, or recurring events.

  • Create ticketed events for things like Dance Fitness classes
  • Sell tickets online and check guests in when they arrive
  • Include custom fields to add drink and food selections onto a ticket
  • Use customer information from past purchases for marketing purposes
Ticketed Events Calendar
Online Ordering menu

Online Ordering

Give your customers the flexibility they want with online ordering. Whether it from a table in your nutrition club, from the dance floor during break, or right from their couch, give your club diversity in it's offerings.

  • Quick checkout with payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Scheduled pickup orders allow for ordering ahead
  • All online orders can be linked to an automated loyalty program
  • Streamline operations with ONE platform that has everything you need
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"We have been using the Addmi system for about 6-8 months now and it's been amazing.

It has helped our customer service so much, it has made our check in system a lot faster, and what's great is it makes our check out system so much more convenient."

Elisa from Prosper Nutrition
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Prosper Nutrition

Nutrition Clubs Love Addmi

Many Nutrition Clubs choose Addmi because it's built for the rush. Learn more about why Nutrition Clubs love Addmi by watching this video.

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