Addmi Client Testimonials

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Happy Chickenzz

"Addmi is really helping us out because our customers order at the table here. They don't have to come into our shop... it just makes it more simplified."

Fatwood Barbeque

"Addmi improved efficiency, order accuracy, tips for the staff increased over 100%, and gave the customers multiple access points to us."

Neko Neko

"We like using Addmi Point of Sale system because it's really easy to use and user friendly"

Lemon & Brine

"My Favorite thing about [Addmi] is that you get to communicate with real people. I dont have to call a call center that has me on the line forever."

Liv's Good Nutrition

"I really love the new system because it is time efficient. Clients come in and out quickly. It's so much easier."

Ocean Desert

"Addmi provides us a smooth, clean POS perfect for food trucks, and super easy when training new employees."

Customer Testimonials

"Very easy to order. Thanks!"

David B.

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