Full Service Restaurant Point of Sale

Empower your front and back of house with tools to provide the best customer experience.

Restaurant Management Power

Keep your busy front of house and kitcken in sync and running as efficiently as possible.

  • Server shift reviews
  • Servers can view current tip amounts
  • Quickly view orders awaiting payment
  • Manager can move orders to different tables
  • Easy switch between Table and Tab mode
  • Fire items to the kitchen

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Table Layout Mode

Turn tables quickly and with smooth service with good communications between front and back of house.

  • Table Maturity - track how long orders have been open
  • Easily move orders across tables
  • Ability to start multiple orders on the same table
  • Pass orders from one server to another
  • Color code status of items sent to the kitchen
  • Supports multiple layouts and sections

Staff Management

Managers can access all real-time staff information to keep operations running smoothly for all shifts.

  • Create and adjust employee timecards
  • Review and manage all employee shift information
  • Assign servers to table sections
  • Servers restricted to only view their assigned orders
Addmi POS timecard review
ADS order payment movement

Order Management

Your customers will love our order flexibility almost as much as will your staff.

  • Split orders into multiple checks
  • Move items to existing checks
  • Split item cost across multiple checks
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